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The Who - Live At The Fillmore East 1968:

UK - 2018 Polydor/UMC CD

UK - 2018 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

UK - 2018 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

USA - 2018 Geffen/Universal CD

Japan - 2018 Polydor/UMC SHM-CD

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Album: The Who - Live At The Fillmore East 1968

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: n/a

CDs Sampled: USA Geffen/Universal

LP Comments: n/a

Summary and Other Comments: 2 CD release of the blistering April 6, 1968 performance. Unfortunately, the concert is missing two songs, "Substitute", due to only about 30 seconds of tape and "Pictures Of Lily", due to Pete Townshend's guitar missing. However, with a release like this and all the wonderful tracks contained herein, they will hardly be missed. This concert is remixed and remastered from the original 4-track multitrack tapes and far superior to any other versions currently in circulation.

Track Listing: Summertime Blues, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Little Billy, I Canít Explain, Happy Jack, Relax, Iím A Boy, A Quick One While Heís Away, My Way, Címon Everybody, Shakiní All Over, Boris The Spider, My Generation 



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