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The Who - Maximum A's & B's (Box Set):

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Box Set)

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Front cover of each of the 5 Promo discs

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Disc 1. Back cover

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Disc 2. Back cover

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Disc 3. Back cover

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Disc 4. Back cover

UK - 2017 Polydor/UMC CD (Promo)

Disc 5. Back cover

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Album: The Who - Maximum A's & B's

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: n/a

CDs Sampled: n/a

LP Comments: n/a

Summary and Other Comments: 5 CD Box Set comprised of all of the original UK Singles & B Sides. Note: "I Can See For Miles" is the album version due to the original UK single recording being of lesser sound quality.

Track Listing: Zoot Suit, Iím the Face, I Canít Explain, Bald Headed Woman, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, Daddy Rolling Stone, My Generation, Shout and Shimmy, Circles (AKA ĎInstant Partyí), Instant Party Mixture, A Legal Matter, The Kids Are Alright, The Ox, La-La-La Lies, The Goodís Gone, Substitute, Circles, Waltz For A Pig, Iím A Boy, In The City, Disguises, Batman, Bucket T, Barbara Ann, Happy Jack, Iíve Been Away, Pictures Of Lily, Doctor, Doctor, The Last Time, Under My Thumb, I Can See For Miles, Someoneís Coming, Dogs Call Me Lightning, Magic Bus, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Pinball Wizard ,Dogs Part Two, The Seeker, Here For More, Summertime Blues, Heaven And Hell, See Me Feel Me / Listening To You, Overture From Tommy, Christmas ,Iím Free, Wonít Get Fooled Again, Donít Know Myself, Letís See Action, When I Was A Boy, Join Together, Baby Donít You Do It, Relay, Wasp Man, 5:15, Water, Listening To You / See Me Feel Me (Soundtrack Version), Overture (Soundtrack Version), Squeeze Box, Success Story, Who Are You, Had Enough, Long Live Rock, My Wife (Live), 5:15 (Soundtrack Version), Iím One (Soundtrack Version), You Better You Bet, The Quiet One, Donít Let Go The Coat, You, Athena, A Man Is A Man, Eminence Front Itís Your Turn, Twist And Shout (Live), I Canít Explain (Live), Bony Maronie (Live), Join Together (Live), I Can See For Miles (Live), Behind Blue Eyes (Live), Real Good Looking Boy, Old Red Wine ,Wire & Glass EP - Side A (5 x tracks), Wire & Glass EP - Side B - Mirror Door, Be Lucky, I Canít Explain (2014 Stereo remix)



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