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The Who - John Entwistle & Roger Daltrey Backup Master Tapes

Whistle Rymes - 1987 Italy Backup Tape For 1972 Decca Master Tape

Whistle Rymes - 1972 John Entwistle Master Tape

This tape and the ones below it were mounted on AEG hubs (which are not compatible with NAB hub decks). I found a vendor on eBay selling a "converter kit" and was able to carefully wind these (2) two reels onto NAB hubs to play/record. (Unfortunately, the Roger Daltrey Reels below will require larger reels to do the same.) I was never quite satisfied with the CD versions of this album because they really didn't represent the feel of the original LP and was lucky to find a USA Decca master tape - since the Decca LP was the best sounding of all the versions. I've learned that you have to be careful with these reels because what's written on the box isn't always true. Usually I find this to be the case with the EQ. If you look above, it says "CCIR" (IEC). However, the majority of the tape was actually NAB and the last (2) two songs on the reel sounded much brighter than the others...  ...so I re-recorded those in the CCIR/IEC mode and they sounded just fine. While this was a good sounding tape, it would still need mastering to sound "just right"...

HD Samples:

Ten Little Friends   Thinkin' It Over   Who Cares?   I Was Just Being Friendly

Daltrey - 1986 Italy Backup Tape For 1973 Polydor Master Tape

Daltrey - 1973 Roger Daltrey Master Tape


Ride A Rock Horse - 1992 Italy Backup Tape For 1975 Polydor Master Tape

Ride A Rock Horse - 1975 Roger Daltrey Master Tape


One Of The Boys - 1992 Italy Backup Tape For 1977 Polydor Master Tape

One Of The Boys - 1977 Roger Daltrey Master Tape 

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