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The Who - Detailed Discography
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The Who - By Specific Country
Albums: UK  USA  Argentina  Australia  Austria  Barbados  Belgium  Brazil  Bulgaria  Canada  CZ  Chile  China  Colombia  Denmark  Ecuador  France  Germany  Greece  Guatemala
Holland  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Iran  Ireland  Israel  Italy  Jamaica  Japan  Korea  Latvia  Lebanon  Malaysia  Mexico  New Zealand  Norway  Peru  Philippines  Poland  Portugal   
Romania  Russia  Saudi Arabia  Singapore  South Africa  Spain  Sweden  Taiwan  Thailand  Turkey  Ukraine  United Arab Emirates  Uruguay  Venezuela  Yugoslavia  Zimbabwe

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Guatemala  Holland  Hong Kong  Hungary  India  Iran  Ireland  Israel  Italy  Japan  Lebanon  Malaysia  Mexico  New Zealand  Nigeria  Norway/Sweden  Paraguay  Peru
Philippines  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Russia  South Africa  Spain  Sweden/Norway  Switzerland  Thailand  Turkey  Ukraine  Uruguay  Venezuela  Yugoslavia  Zimbabwe

John Entwistle - Record ShoppingThe discography section is separated by The Who and its solo members. Included in each of those sections, are albums and singles. They are presented in chronological order of their release (i.e. "My Generation" (1965) precedes "It's Hard" (1982), followed by country of release, starting with the UK (the band's home), the USA (the band's largest fan base) and then all other countries listed alphabetically. At some point around 1985, Polydor's European manufacturing became centralized in Germany - which explains why most of the European albums thereafter are "made in Germany".

The format is a little different for the Who albums (vs. everything else) due to the volume of all the Who records and CDs. The Who albums each have their own pages (reissues and compilations are grouped together) and the solo albums and singles will be grouped together by artist/category. Reissues (LP and CD) will be listed with the original release, not the date of the reissue (unless there is a title change, making it a "unique" release). In the "UK-Only" and "USA-Only" sections, those records are listed in order of actual release date.

Please note that presented below the pictures of the albums, will be any relevant information pertaining to the albums, as well as the sound quality reviews.

Rarities are those tracks, which don't appear on an album that's currently "in print". For example, the 1979 live version of "Dancing In the Street" has only been released on the 1988 "Won't Get Fooled Again" EP (which is long out of print). These rarities will be listed throughout this site and noted with an "(R)" so that they easily stand out.

Included in The Who discography is a "Related" section. This section includes "guest appearances" of The Who (or its solo members) on various "other artist" albums or singles. An example of this might be Pete Townshend's song, "Join My Gang", which was only "officially" released on a 1966 UK single by the band, Oscar (who coincidentally is Paul Nicholas, who played "Cousin Kevin" in the 1975 "Tommy" movie).

About the album sound quality reviews: Sound quality can be very subjective. What sounds good to one person may sound "less-than-good" to another. Playing music on different equipment can also vary the results. However, if your source is better, your results should be better. These reviews may be qualified by saying they are "my opinion" and therefore potentially subjective. However, I have developed the resources to adequately compare and give accurate descriptions of the same. Ultimately, you and your own ears are the judge.

 John Entwistle - Record ShoppingJohn Entwistle - Record ShoppingJohn Entwistle - Record ShoppingJohn Entwistle - Record Shopping



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