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Pete Townshend - Classic Records DAT Masters

Who Came First
Who Came First - 2003 Classic Records DAT Master

Similar sound qualities to the Metropolis Studios mastering on the Rykodisc CD.

Rough Mix
Rough Mix - 2002 Classic Records DAT Master

Rough Mix is one of the finest recordings of all The Who and Who Solo albums. This mastering is similar to the 1989 USA CD, which would be difficult to improve upon.

Scoop - 2002 Classic Records DAT Master

Scoop always seemed to have great sound quality, but the recordings <perhaps> may not have been on first generation tapes. Like the original CD release, this is not as rich sounding as Another Scoop or Scoop 3, but still a fine mastering. 

Another Scoop
Another Scoop - 2001 Classic Records DAT Master

This mastering s a nice improvement over the 1987 USA CD. Unfortunately Tape 1 was labeled "blank" and there was no content on it! 

Scoop 3
Scoop 3 - 2001 Classic Records DAT Master

Dynamic and detailed. Scoop 3 has been released several times in CD format, DVD-A format and LP format. Unfortunately, the only one that sounded good out of the entire bunch, is the 2009 Classic Records LP. That LP was remastered by Bernie Grundman onto 30IPS Reel-To-Reel tapes and the above DATs were their backup. While Classic Records took great care to create great sounding LPs, the quality of their 200g & 180g wasn't silent and typically suffered from minor noise between tracks, etc. I was always hoping to find a clean tape copy, and this is it. While recording these tapes onto my HD recorder, I thought they were possibly a smidgeon bright and lacking in the nice warm midrange like the LP version. Further testing will determine the same. The output level on these DATs is considerably low due to an opening volume level spike in "No Way Out". I may re-record these via the analog output of the DAT and run them through a tube pre-amp to pump up the volume level and generate the qualities of the LP version.



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