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The Who Master Tapes

The Who At Woodstock - August 17, 1969 - Rough Board Mix (Stereo)

This is a the complete performance of The Who at Woodstock on August 17, 1969.

What's fascinating about this tape is that it sounds so much better than the recently released (August, 2019) official CD
(which was released as part of a 38 CD box set).

While Who fans were anticipating an official release for umpteen years, inexplicably it was mixed so poorly that it's virtually unlistenable. In addition to distortion (which may damage your speakers at normal or high volume), John Entwistle's bass sounds as though his strings are broken and flapping around. Additionally, the opening guitar of "I Can't Explain" is muted and "Fiddle About" has a volume jump close to 2 db.

Here is a side by side comparison of "I Can't Explain" (WAV File Audio):

Official (Sample) 

1969 Board Mix (Sample)

A side by side comparison of "Heaven And Hell" (WAV File Audio):

Official (Sample) 

1969 Board Mix (Sample) 

The Who At The Concert For The People Of Kampuchea - December 28, 1979

This is a (4) four track tape comprised of the tracks released for the 1980 LP: Baba O'Riley, Sister Disco, Behind Blue Eyes, See Me, Feel Me.

The Who - Who's Missing / Two's Missing Compilation Masters - 1985

This is a (4) four reel set comprised of a larger selection of rarities which was slimmed down to Who's Missing (1985) and Two's Missing (1987).

After going through all of the tracks, it appears that this may have been an attempt to create an expanded Odds & Sods Box Set (note the (4) four tracks from the same included below) and these (4) four reels do not appear complete (i.e. missing tracks like "Waspman", "My Wife" (Live), "Bargain" (Live), "When I Was A Boy", etc.) - Hopefully those will turn up...

Also please note that both versions of "Circles" and "Time Is Passing" appear to be the same and both are mono.

Track Listing:

Reel (1): Daddy Rolling Stone, I'm A Man, Bald Headed Woman, Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand (b side version), Young Man Blues (studio version), I'm A Boy, Happy Jack, I'm The Face, Shout & Shimmy, Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand (album version), Heatwave (1965 version)

Reel (2): Leaving Here, I Don't Even Know Myself, The Last Time, Under My Thumb, Substitute, Squeeze Box, Put The Money Down, Circles (Who produced version)

Reel (3): Circles (Who produced version), Lubie (Come Back Home), Motoring, Little Billy, The Seeker, Love Ain't For Keepin' (NY sessions version), My Way, Time Is Passing, Heaven & Hell

Reel (4): Anytime You Want Me, Here For More, Too Much Of Anything, Dogs, Dogs Part 2, Faith In Something Bigger, Time Is Passing, Going Down (Live) 

Young Man Blues (HD Sample)  Goin' Down Live (HD Sample)  My Way (HD Sample)  I'm The Face (HD Sample)  Heaven And Hell (HD Sample)  Happy Jack (HD Sample)



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