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The Who - Tommy (Soundtrack):

The Who - YouTube Channel

UK - 1975 Polydor LP

UK - 1975 Polydor 8-Track

UK - 2001 Polydor CD (Promo) (Disc 1)

UK - 2001 Polydor CD (Promo) (Disc 2)

USA - 1975 Polydor LP

USA - 1975 Polydor LP

With sticker

USA - 1975 Polydor Cassette

USA - 1975 Polydor 8-Track

USA - 1975 Polydor Reel-To-Reel

The Making Of Tommy 1975 - USA - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Music & interviews

USA - 1975 AFRTS LP (Promo)

Single LP Armed Forces Radio version

USA - 1975 AFRTS LP (Promo)

[Label face]

USA - 1980 Polydor Cassette

Includes "Overture"

USA - 1993 Polydor CD

Original mastering, adds "Overture", previously available only on 45 and album cassette versions

Argentina - 1975 Polydor LP

Argentina - 1975 Polydor Cassette

Australia - 1975 Polydor LP

Austria - 1975 Polydor LP

Cover printed in Germany, LPs pressed in Austria

Austria - 1975 Polydor LP (Club Edition)

Brazil - 1975 Polydor LP

Brazil - 1993 Polydor CD

Canada - 1975 Polydor LP

Colombia - 1975 Polydor LP

France - 1978 Polydor LP

Germany - 1975 Polydor LP

Club Edition

Germany - 1975 Polydor 8-Track

Volume 2

Greece - 1975 Polydor LP

Guatemala - 1975 Polydor LP

Holland - 1975 Polydor LP

Hong Kong - 1975 Polydor LP

India - 1975 Polydor LP (Volume 1)

India - 1975 Polydor LP (Volume 2)

Indonesia - 1975 Nirwana Cassette (Part 1)

Indonesia - 1975 Team Cassette

Israel - 1975 Polydor LP

Italy - 1975 Polydor LP

Italy - 1975 Polydor LP (Volume 1)

Italy - 1975 Polydor LP (Volume 2)

Italy - 1975 Polydor Cassette (Volume 1)

Italy - 1975 Polydor Cassette (Volume 1)

Japan - 1975 Polydor LP

1st pressing

Japan - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Japan - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Label face

Japan - 1975 Polydor LP

Japan - 1982 Polydor LP

Japan - 1991 Polydor CD

Original pressing

Japan - 2000 Polydor CD


Japan - 2008 Polydor CD (Promo Box)

Box only, no CDs

Japan - 2011 Polydor CD

ini-LP cover. Remastered

Korea - 1975 Yegrin LP

Korea - 1975 PTO Cassette

Part 1

Mexico - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Front cover

Mexico - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Back cover

Mexico - 1975 Pickwick LP (Promo)

Front cover (Excepts from Tommy)

Mexico - 1975 Pickwick LP (Promo)

Back cover (Excepts from Tommy)

Mexico - 1975 Polydor LP

New Zealand - 1975 Polydor LP

New Zealand - 1975 Polydor Cassette

Peru - 1975 Polydor LP

Philippines - 1975 Polydor LP

Portugal - 1975 Polydor LP

Portugal - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Saudi Arabia - 1975 AC Cassette

Saudi Arabia - 1975 Party Cassette

South Africa - 1975 Polydor LP

Spain - 1975 Polydor LP

Spain - 1975 Polydor Cassette

Taiwan - 1975 Giant LP

Taiwan - 1975 Giant LP

Taiwan - 1976 TH LP (front cover)

Single LP

Taiwan - 1976 TH LP (back cover)

Single LP

Venezuela - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

Venezuela - 1975 Polydor LP (Promo)

[Label face]

Yugoslavia - 1975 RTB LP

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Album: Tommy (Soundtrack)

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: UK (Polydor), USA (Polydor)

CDs (original mix) Sampled: USA (Polydor), Germany (Polydor), Japan (Polydor)

CDs (remaster) Sampled: USA (Polydor)

LP Comments: Both UK and USA copies sound equally as good.

CD (original mix) comments: The Japan copy was released before the German or USA copies and use tapes that may be a generation or two removed. While it still sounds good, it doesn't sound as good as the German or USA copies.

CD (remaster) comments: Another example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The previous version sounded fine and didn't require remastering. This version sounds worse than the previous release due to over processing.

Summary: Either the USA or German (Polydor) (pre-remastered) copies sound fine.

Other Comments: Someone had the clever idea of adding the "Overture" (which was previously only available on the single) to the cassette release of this album, which was then later added to the German and USA CDs - a good decision.

About: Tommy (Soundtrack)

As a young teen and "dating" I vividly recall being asked to take various young ladies to see "Tommy" (at the movie theater) - and remember answering along the lines of... "Why would I want to see that crap???" (They say that first impressions are often correct. Are they?)
Well... I never saw "Tommy" in the 70s...
I do recall getting the Soundtrack (ST) in the early 80's and wondering how all the singing was so horrible (Ann Margaret and Oliver Reed). It didn't make any sense.
I always thought Roger, Pete and John should have recorded new vocals to replace most/all of the "guest vocalists" to make this a more "serious" album. Musically, it's brilliant. There's a lot of cool synthesizers and different arraignments that make this a cool listening experience - only to be made "nasty" by Ann and Oliver. Oh well...
What I always thought was interesting was that on the original LP versions, "Overture" was left off. To get this music, you would have to buy one of the singles or the cassette version. Go figure... They "fixed" this with the CD release in 1993.
Getting back to the music...
There are some great Who performances "buried" in this album.
* I'm Free - is there a better studio version of this song?
* Sensation - Pete (who worked day and night on this movie/soundtrack) really delivers here. Great vocals.

* Sally Simpson - any Who song where Pete and Roger trade vocals is just great - this is no exception.
* Fiddle About - an honorable mention for Keith Moon
The album has some other "moments" of brilliance when Pete and Roger's vocals appear. Unfortunately, this is the kind of album that you play maybe once a year (and then wonder why you did).
I played the newly mastered Japan CD on side 1 and the 1993 (original) Germany CD on side 2. Other than for some volume level differences they were both pretty good and sounded about the same. What was more evident was that the album needs to be remixed (a lot of great instruments are sort of buried - including some of the drumming) - but considering the weakness of the material (Ann & Oliver) - why?
Some of you may not be aware that "Cousin Kevin" (Paul Nicholas) is also...

And of course everyone knows that Oscar was the one who released Pete's great song
Join My Gang on The Who's UK Reaction label in 1966...
Also worth noting that the very young
Simon Townshend sings on this album too!

Track Listing: Overture (on Germany, USA and remaster versions), Prologue, Captain Walker, It's A Boy, Bernie's Holiday Camp, 1951, What About The Boy, Amazing Journey, Christmas, Eyesight To The Blind, Acid Queen, Do You Think It's Alright?, Cousin Kevin, Do You Think It's Alright?, Fiddle About, Do You Think It's Alright?, Sparks, Extra, Extra, Extra, Pinball Wizard, Champagne, There's A Doctor, Go To The Mirror, Tommy Can You Hear Me?, Smash The Mirror, I'm Free, Mother And Son, Sensation, Miracle Cure, Sally Simpson, Welcome, TV Studio, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, Listening To You, See Me, Feel Me.



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