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The Who - Who Related Singles - 1993 - 2019:

Tommy - USA - 1993 RCA CD Single (EP)

Cover songs from the Broadway Tommy

Substitute - USA - 1993 Radioactive Records CD Single (Promo)

Performed by the Ramones

The Townshend Tapes - USA - 1993 GSP CD Single

Jeff Slate CD Single - Produced by Simon Townshend, Executive Producer, Pete Townshend

Le Fugitif/Oubliez - Moi/Ma Petite Poupee/My Generation - France - 1993 Columbia CD Single (EP)

Louis Bertignac live cover of "My Generation"

Stuck In The Middle - UK - 1994 Polygram CD Single

Adam Faith single with Roger Daltrey on alternating vocals

You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast/Piece of Glass/Can't Explain - Austria - 1994 Sony CD Single

Spin Doctors' cover of "I Can't Explain"

She Don't Know/She Don't Know (acoustic)/Can't Do Anymore - UK - 1994 Fawn Records CD Single

Features John Entwistle on bass for Fawn

Tommy In Seven Minutes - USA - 1994 Vital Music Records 45

Various Artists

Nothing/I'm A Boy - UK - 1996 Virgin CD Single

Fluffy cover of "I'm A Boy"

Magic Bus/Mysteries - UK - 1997 A&M CD Single

Promo with edited and full length versions performed by Swervedriver

Five-A-Side Football/Rainy Country/Take A Chance On Me - Germany - 1998 EastWest CD Single

Pete Townshend's daughter, Emma

The End/Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - USA - 1998 Columbia 45 (Promo)

Flick cover of "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere". Produced by Shel Talmy

Start Me Up/Let It Be/Comfortably Numb - Australia - 1999 Point Music CD Single (Promo)

Features Roger Daltrey's lead vocals on "Let It Be". (British Rock Symphony)

The Seeker/Half Step - USA - 2000 Sub Pop Records 45

Zen Guerrilla cover of "The Seeker"

I'm The Face/Leaving Here - USA - 2000 Torque Records 45

Covers of The High Numbers by The Sharpshooters (a side) and Lickity Split (b side). Mutlicolored vinyl

Boris The Spider Part 1/Boris The Spider Part 2/Boris The Spider Part 3/Rock Saga/Mother-Daughter/The Residents - USA - 2001 Cortical CD & 45

Includes (1) instrumental cover version of "Boris The Spider" (packaged in gatefold 7" with CD single and 45)

Substitute The Songs Of The Who - UK - 2001 Edel CD Single (Promo)

Cover songs of The Who with the Stereophonics, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow and Paul Weller

Bullet - Germany - 2001 Universal CD Single

Infinite Mass rap song built around Roger Daltrey's performance in "McVicar" of "My Time Is Gonna Come"

Squeeze Box - USA - 2002 Dualtone CD Single (Promo)

Cover of "Squeeze Box" by McBride & The Ride

Acid Queen/Sensation/We're Not Gonna Take It - Holland - 2002 Stemra CD Single

Promotional copy with booklet written in Dutch for Tommy performance in Holland

Portrait Of John Entwistle - UK - 2003 Western Vinyl 10" EP

Cover of "Heaven and Hell" by Anonmoanon. Also includes a song titled, "John Entwistle"

The Way We Bring It Down - UK - 2003 n/a CD Single (EP)

Cover of "The Seeker" by The Hoarse

Eat Me - 2004 Universal CD Single (Promo)

Rachel Fuller with Pete and Simon Townshend on guitars

Medway Wheelers/A Quick One - UK - 2005 Damaged Goods 45

The Buff Medways cover of The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away"

Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone, You Shouldn't've)? - UK - 2005 Liberty CD Single

2 Versions of the song - 1st version, various artists including one verse sung by Roger Daltrey. 2nd version performed by The Buzzcocks

Shine - 2006 Barnes & Noble CD Single (EP)

Autographed by Rachel Fuller. Rachel Fuller with Pete Townshend (guitar) on "In The Mix" and guitar and co-write on "Just Breathe"

Shine - 2006 Barnes & Noble CD Single (EP)

Rachel Fuller with Pete Townshend (guitar) on "In The Mix" and guitar and co-write on "Just Breathe"

iLs vs. The Who - Baba O'Riley/iLs - SaxTrax - UK - 2006 Distinctive CD Single (Promo)

iLs cover of "Baba O'Riley"

I Was A Boy/Happy Matt - UK - 2006 Slumberland 45

The How cover of "I'm A Boy" and "Happy Jack"

Love Reign O'er Me/Rocking In The Free World - USA - 2007 ABKCO 45

Pearl Jam cover of Love Reign O'er Me

My Generation - UK - 2007 BBC CD Single

The Zimmers cover version of My Generation

De Sol A Sol/Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands/Los Salvados Y Hundidos/Opening Up - Spain - 2008 Direction Pop 45 (EP)

Mod Time cover version of "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands"

Won't Get Fooled Again - Germany - 2008 Universal CD Single (Promo)

Richie Havens cover version of "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Baba O'Riley - UK - 2008 Data Records CD Single (Promo)

The Cube Guys cover version of "Baba O'Riley" - 9 mixes

Sunrise - USA - 2009 Guitar Techniques CD Single

Included with December, 2009 Magazine

The Boat That Rocked - UK - 2009 Fontana 45 (Box Set) (Promo)

Various Artists Including The Who, "My Generation"

My Generation/Non-Who Track - UK - 2009 Fontana 45 (Promo)

From "The Boat That Rocked" Box Set

Go Back To Daddy/Roll Over Beethovan/Is It Love? /Bye Bye Johnny - Germany - 2013 Columbia 45 (EP)

Reissue of Beachcombers (Keith Moon's first band) tracks with Keith on the cover. Most likely no Keith drumming on this EP

Chameleon - USA - 2015 iTunes Download Single

Pete Townshend lead vocal/duet with Des Horsfall's Kuschty Rye (Tribute to Ronnie Lane)

Sunrise - UK - 2018 Skeleton Key CD Single (Promo)

The Fernweh cover of The Who's "Sunrise"

My Generation/My Generation - Germany - 2018 Super 45

The Who's version on the "a" side and a cover by Boehse Onkelz on the "b" side

My Generation/My Generation - Germany - 2018 Super 45

The Who's version on the "a" side and a cover by Boehse Onkelz on the "b" side

My Generation/My Generation - Germany - 2018 Super 45

The Who's version on the "a" side and a cover by Boehse Onkelz on the "b" side


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