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The Who - Books - Page 1 (1968 - 1984):

The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus

Includes great photos of The Who

Boyfriend 69 Book (UK)

The Who on the cover only...

Rock And Roll Will Stand

Published in 1969

Fillmore East & West

Pelham Pop Annual (UK)

Little Who content under the section of Roger Daltrey's friend, Steve Ellis. Published in 1970

The Who

Circa 1972, Scandinavia. Contains band interviews, discographies and song lyrics (group and solo)

Arfur: Teenage Pinball Queen

Published in 1970 and this 2nd 1973 reissue. Nik Cohn's pinball obsession influenced Pete Townshend. Perhaps Pete (and the success of "Tommy") influenced Nik to write this book

The Who

First edition

The Who

Originally published in 1973, 1979 reissue

The Who Through The Eyes Of Pete Townshend

Haven't read it yet - Published in 1974

Record World Presents: The Who '64 - '74

Promotional tribute to the band on their 10th year anniversary

Les Who (France)


Putting A Band Together

The Who (UK)

The Who (Germany)

Who Su Leyenda Y Tommy (Spain)

Who The Legend And Tommy

A Decade Of The Who

A diverse book, which will put a smile on the face of any Who fan

The Story Of Tommy

Written by Pete Townshend & Richard Barnes. Interesting book, about... Tommy !

Hepzibah (UK)

Published by Eel Pie - 1978. Comes with flexi-disc with Billy Nichols and Pete Townshend song

Teach Yourself Lead Guitar (UK)

Pete Townshend on cover only...

The Kids Are Alright

This book was included in the original 1979 Who LP


The Who

Story of... circa 1979 ...with photos

Moon The Loon (UK)

Great stories about Keith Moon.

Full Moon (USA)

USA title of "Moon The Loon"

Keith Moon - The Life and Death of a Rock Legend (UK)

Quadrophenia (UK)

1979 book of the film

McVicar By Himself (UK)

The Who (France)


The Who (Germany)

John Entwistle Hotlicks

Instructional bass guitar. Comes with two cassette tapes (shown above)

John Entwistle Hotlicks

Same booklet as shown (on left), but comes with different cassette cases

The Who: The Illustrated Biography

This was my first Who book! A casual history of the band, complete with nice pictures. A good book!

The Who (Italy)

1984 Italian language reissue of "The Who: The Illustrated Biography"

The Who: Die Illustrierte Biografie (Germany)

1990 German language reissue of "The Who: The Illustrated Biography"

The Who The Illustrated Discography (First Edition - 1981)

Great book - Revised in 1982

The Who The Illustrated Discography (Revised Edition)

A great, great book. This book was invaluable to me in starting my collection. First issued in 1981, then revised in 1982.

The Who Maxium R&B

Issued in 1982 with a flexi-disc of Pete Townshend demos of "My Generation" and "Pinball Wizard". Tons of great pictures and the "story" of The Who. Until I saw the mini-discography in the back of this book, I thought I had "all" the Who records (17 by 9/82). Boy, was I wrong!

The Who Maxium R&B

Revised (updated) edition - 1998. (I spent about 5 hours on the phone getting the Discography updated.)

The Who - 1982 Tour Schedule Book

The Who (Italy)

The Who In Their Own Words

An interesting collection of "quotes" taken from the band members from various interviews

Pete Townshend A Career Biography

A good book about Pete, but at some point after the beginning, it seems like I'm reading "The Illustrated Who Biography", which was written by the same author

The Who File

Nice pictures

Manual Rock (Italy)

(In Italian)

The Who (Italy)

(Includes Italian translated lyrics of popular Who songs)

Album Music Number One (France)

Before I Get Old - The Story Of The Who

Extensive book about the history of The Who. I find the book to be a little "lobsided" as it seems to be much more concentrated on their early years (perhaps the author found those more interesting) and too light on their later years. For example, the author lumps "Face Dances" and "It's Hard" together by saying they are "too personal". This might be true of "Face Dances", but not at all of "It's Hard"

The Who: The Farewell Tour (Canada)

The Who

Popshop-Ratsel (Germany)

The Comedy Of Errors (UK)

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