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Welcome! This site is all about The Who. Inside you'll find close to 19,000 pictures spread over 1,000+ web pages about the world's greatest rock band - The Who!
Use the navigation buttons on the left column to find info about their
music, videos, books, magazines, posters and various other related information.

The first ever recordings by The Who - "I'm The Face" and "It Was You" !!!

The Who - I'm The Face - 1964 UK AcetateThe Who - It Was You- 1964 UK Acetate

(Click on the pictures above to hear a sound sample of each song.)

In 1964, The Who went through several name changes after evolving from The Detours. First they were The Who, then The High Numbers and back to The Who again...
Before, they recorded "Zoot Suit" and "I'm The Face" (as The High Numbers), The Who recorded these (2) two songs on May 11, 1964 and June 4, 1964, respectively. 
As you can quickly tell from the sound sample, this version of "I'm The Face" is very different than the one you are so familiar with. The sample starts from the middle
instrumental section of the song to demonstrate the flavor of the differences. "It Was You" is Pete Townshend's very first song! It was released by The Naturals in 1964
and Chaos & Co in 1966, but never by The Who. Hopefully these recordings will see a 2020 official release. You can read all about the acetate story here. Enjoy!

The Who - Roger Daltrey - Thinking - 1973 Portugal 45The Who - Pete Townshend - Keep On Working - 1980 UK 45 (Autographed)The Who - John Entwistle - I Believe In Everything - 1971 Norway 45The Who - Keith Moon - The Kids Are Alright - 1975 Holland 45

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The Illustrated The Who Discography  The Who - Who Are You - 1978 USA MCA CassetteAbout... The site is made up entirely of my personal collection. What started with a cassette tape of Who Are You (pictured left) at the end of 1978 has grown to more than 6,800 of The Who / The Who solo records, CDs and tapes. Why? I found The Who to be a "unique band" - different and so much better than anything else I've ever heard. As I listened to their music, the more I was drawn in. At some point,  I was listening to "The Who music" almost exclusively. I began buying more...  I initially started "collecting" in order to have every released Who and Who solo song available. "The Illustrated The Who Discography" (pictured right) became my collecting 'bible'.

I soon learned that not every Who record or CD was "created equal". Albums that I thought were "bad", were merely "bad pressings", which could be found elsewhere (i.e. from other countries) with much better sound quality. (Good sound quality helps you enjoy the music. Bad sound quality is a distraction and
hurts the music.) In the process of seeking out the best recordings <of The Who> from around the globe, my collection began to grow. Eventually, it became a matter of, "another cool picture!"

Since all recordings by The Who are not created equal, I have added
audiophile sound quality reviews under each album section to help you decide - what's the best source for you.

My collection, while quite large, is by no means "complete". As with any collection, there's always more to be collected. Please come back from time-to-time and look for
updates as I'm adding to my collection almost daily ... Oh... and if you want to buy all of it... Make me an offer I can't refuse. The Who For Sale  

- wf

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