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The Who - Live At Leeds - Page 4 (The 12 Inserts):

Below are the contents of many of the original (and some reissue) "Live At Leeds" LP pressings. Unfortunately, some people have found these items in various places and believed them to be originals, often thinking they have discovered something valuable - even going so far as to attempt to sell them for <very> high prices to unsuspecting fans. These documents are all copies and are not valuable. Run your mouse over each item for additional descriptions...

Full-Sized Poster of The Who at the Marquee Club             Contract for Woodstock (1969)

 EMI Rejection of The High Numbers   Pete Townshend's typed lyrics for "My Generation"

Accounting for the Marquee Club     Letter from the King's Agency cancelling a show in Swindon

Accouting for the High Numbers        Delivery notice of smoke generators

 Accounting of shows        Court Order demanding return of equipment

Promo photo

Promo photo (Woodstock)



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