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The Who - Live From Toronto:

Holland - 2006 Immortal CD

Album: Live From Toronto

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: n/a

CD(s) Sampled: Immortal (Holland)

LP Comments: n/a

CD Comments: Same mix as video soundtrack of The Who Rocks America (vs. the nice bonus track remixed versions on the 1987 It's Hard reissue). While the sound is fairly clear, it sounds like a slightly duller dub off of the video soundtrack. The sound from the Japan laser disc and DVD versions are better.

Note: This is the December 17, 1982 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Canada show

Track Listing:

DISC 1: My Generation, I Can't Explain, Dangerous, Sister Disco, The Quiet One, It's Hard, Eminence Front, Baba O'Riley, Boris The Spider, Drowned, Love Ain't For Keepin'

DISC 2: Pinball Wizard, See Me, Feel Me, Who Are You, 5:15, Love Reign O'er Me, Long Live Rock, Won't Get Fooled Again, Naked Eye, Squeeze Box, Young Man Blues, Twist And Shout



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