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Record Plant Sessions - 1971 New York USA Reel-to-Reel Tape

Record Plant Sessions - 1971 New York USA Reel-to-Reel Tape

The Who - The Record Plant Tape Transfer, NY

The above is a 2 track tape reel from The Who's 1971 Record Plant Sessions in New York. I brought it to a studio to digitally transfer its contents (for my own collection and to send a 24 bit copy to The Who's archives, should they chose to make use of it in the future). The tape contains "Getting In Tune", "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Pure & Easy", "Love Ain't For Keepin' " and "Baby Don't You Do It" (No "Behind Blue Eyes"). I compared this tape's contents to the same tracks on From Lifehouse To Leeds. While the tape seems to be the same versions and run times, it is definitely mixed very differently. The tape has much more ambiance, dynamic range, wider stereo separation and more powerful and defined bass (this tape would need to be mastered properly for every day listening). While it has an extended frequency range, the highs are a bit "too high" for my taste and would need to be "toned down" (the same is true with the master tapes for the Shel Talmy Sessions). Between the purchase of the tape and its digital transfer, I probably have about $400 invested. I was hoping for something unique (i.e. Roger singing "Love Ain't For Keepin' "), but what I have is a unique mix from 1971, which is more "powerful" than any previously released versions. Is this worth $400? (I guess that depends on who you ask. I'm not all that fond of the Record Plant Sessions - but I am a "collector".) So there you have it (unless you don't).

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