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The Who - Lewisham Odeon London - February 8, 1981

The Who - Lewisham Odeon - February 8, 1981

This is an old, TDK metal cassette tape I found in my "pile of stuff". After not playing it for ~25 years, I decided to see what was on it. Essentially, this is a soundboard recording from the Who's Lewisham Odeon concert on February 8, 1981. There are several problems with the tape - not the best fidelity, some dropouts and some incomplete songs. It probably can be remastered a bit to make it sound better, but more to the point, anything from the 1981 tour is pretty interesting.

Set list: Substitute, I Can't Explain, Baba O'Riley, The Quiet One, Don't Let Go The Coat, Sister Disco, Music Must Change, You Better You Bet, Drowned, Another Tricky Day, Behind Blue Eyes, Pinball Wizard, Who Are You, 5:15, Long Live Rock, Magic Bus, Won't Get Fooled Again

HD Sound Samples:

Substitute   I Can't Explain   Baba O'Riley   The Quiet One   Don't Let Go The Coat   Sister Disco   Music Must Change   You Better You Bet   Drowned   Another Tricky Day   Behind Blue Eyes   Pinball Wizard   Who Are You   5:15   Long Live Rock   Magic Bus   Won't Get Fooled Again

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