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Pete Townshend - "Night School" - A Sound Quality Comparison

Pete Townshend - White City - 1985 USA Beta Hi FiPete Townshend Talking About The Film White City - 1985 UK VHS Hi FiPete Townshend - White City - 1985 USA Laser DiscPete Townshend - White City - 1985 Japan Laser DiscPete Townshend - White City - 1985 VHS Hi-Fi USA

This video is a great example that not all video sources sound alike... 

Above, there are (5) five variations of the 1985 Pete Townshend "White City" video - (from left to right) USA Beta Hi Fi, UK VHS Hi Fi Promo only ("Pete Townshend Talking About The Film White City"), USA Laser Disc 1, the Japan Laser Disc 1 and the USA VHS Hi-Fi. Each of these sound very different.

"Night School" is an exclusive bonus track 2 found only the video versions of "White City".

I had initially recorded this track to CD (from the USA laser disc) many years ago and always found the sound quality, dull. Here, I recorded and compared the other versions. The results were very different.

Below are HD sound samples from each of these:

USA Beta Hi Fi

UK VHS Hi Fi (Promo)

USA Laser Disc

Japan Laser Disc


As you can hear for yourself, (like CDs and LPs) not all video format sound tracks are created alike.


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