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1980 "McVicar" Master Tapes
(note the "artist" listed on the covers)

The Who / Roger Daltrey - McVicar - 1980 Master Tapes

The Who / Roger Daltrey - McVicar - 1980 Master Tapes

The Who / Roger Daltrey - McVicar - 1980 Master Tapes

Recording "McVicar" from the above reels to HD (24/96) was interesting. I started out with the (2) two reels above and everything sounded great, but there was a volume jump beginning with "Without Your Love" through "McVicar". Unfortunately, with my levels already set for the previous tracks, these tracks began to distort. So, I adjusted the levels and recorded these songs again. Meanwhile, I was curious what might be on tape (3) three. Outtakes perhaps? Actually, tape (3) was an earlier session, with side (1) one in a different track order and without "Bitter & Twisted". The tracks on this tape were at consistent levels and I determined this was a "keeper" as it sounded really good. I went back and re-recorded "Bitter & Twisted" at the same level.

Editing the tracks and restoring the "official" track order (and making a copy at CD quality (16/44.1), I a/b'd the results to the official CD. The "master tape" version is more detailed, especially with the bass, definitely a "step up" in quality...

HD Samples:

Bitter & Twisted   Free Me   Waiting For A Friend   Without Your Love

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