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Simon Townshend:

Live at the Mercury Lounge, New York City - August 2, 2002


I *always* look forward to seeing Simon play. The man is gifted in so many ways - a great songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, stage performer, etc. He *never, ever* disappoints and just seems to get better every time I see him!

Simon's shows are pure excitement from start-to-finish. At this show, he started out with a few of his well-known songs from "Among Us" and his other CDs, then turned up the power with some really fantastic new music from the new ".bom" that he's been working on. Due to a scheduling problem, his other band mates couldn't be here for the show, so we witnessed a very, very cool "Simon Karaoke" experience (or as Simon put it, "the band in the box"). With backing tracks programmed into his sound system, Simon ripped right into these new songs with power and passion! GREAT stuff !!! I can't wait to hear the new CD!

At some point it was just getting way too hot on the stage and Simon took his shirt off, much to the delight of the many beautiful ladies that came to this show! (Unfortunately, Simon did not take that opportunity to play, "Naked", which would have been just great...) The show was *packed* - with people from all over the world. Everyone was having a wonderful time.

If you've never seen one of Simon's solo shows, make an effort to be there. You'll be a fan for life!

The actual set list is pictured below:

Set list

Concert Pictures

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