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The Who - October, 2014

I have decided to sell it all...  

In addition to everything that you see on this site, I have approximately 400 duplicates. Lots of "Who stuff"... (see below)*

Need more info? E-mail me at: whitefang@thewho.info (please read below before pressing send)
(An Excel spread sheet is available to anyone who is seriously interested...)

Please note, that I am not willing to break-up the collection. I have spent over 30 years collecting and would like to see it go to a "good home", intact (what you do with it thereafter is your business). The website and domain are included for free with the sale ** - as well as full-sized, higher resolution digital scans of the entire website content (so you would have the ability to manage the website properly).

My asking price is... <Make Offer> (USA Dollars)

All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

* My current inventory consists of (approximately) - Updated December 31, 2016:

Records/CDs/Tapes    5,960+
Videos                            244
Posters                           579+
Tourbooks/Programs      126+
Books                              137
Magazines                      815+
Music Books                     58
Sheet Music                      98
Ads                                 883+
Misc. Paper Goods            ?
Store Displays, etc...

(Over 8,900 Items)

** Based on the terms of the sales agreement, I would consider supporting the website for a defined time period.












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