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Long before Al Gore and Pete Townshend invented the Internet, we used to talk (live) over the CB (Citizen's Band) Radio. It was a lot of fun in its day. Here are some of the radios I've collected over the years...

Pictured below are 3 Tram base stations. 2, Titan IIA's (all tube) and a Titan IV (hybrid). On top of them are several Realistic (Radio Shack) mobile radios, a frequency counter and a Tram Diamond 10 VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator). The tall, "lollypop" looking microphones are Astatic D-104's.

Below is Browning, Golden Eagle Mark III (Separate transmitter and receiver). The equipment on the top of the transmitter (left). Is a Siltronix Model 90 VFO and a Courier Porta-lab on top of it. Next to the Siltronix is a Pal VFO. On top of the receiver is a Courier Royal, tube base station.

In this "sloppy" picture, is a Tram Corsair mobile (left), with an Astatic D-104 on top of it. Next to that, is a Cobra 139XLR base station. And... on top of that is a brand-new-in-the-box, Turner +2 Microphone.


Pictured below is a Lafayette Comstat 25A, tube base station, with a Turner +2 microphone.


To ensure all my tube equipment is functioning 100%, I have 2, tube testers - one of which is pictured below.



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