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Pete Townshend - Chicago House Of Blues - June 14, 1997
DAT Tape Masters

Pete Townshend - Chicago House oF Blues - June 14, 1997

Pete Townshend - Chicago House Of Blues - June 14, 1997 Pete Townshend - Chicago House Of Blues - June 14, 1997

I found this by accident. While looking for material to review the 1998 show, I found this! - Two DAT tapes comprising the full concert. This show is similar in format to the 1996 mini-tour (i.e. Live The Fillmore 1996), but with a <somewhat> different set list. Pete was taking a break from The Who tour and performed this one-off show. He was in a particularly playful mood. It's a really great concert and should be released officially.

Set List:

Let My Love Open The Door, Pinball Wizard, Drowned, The Shout, Heart To Hang Onto, Tattoo, Save It For Later, English Boy, Cut My Hair, I Put A Spell On You, Sensation, Behind Blue Eyes, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, Christine's Tune, You Better You Bet, I'm One, A Friend Is A Friend, I Am An Animal, Now And Then, The Sea Refuses No River, Embraceable You, Bargain/The Seeker/Bargain, The Kids Are Alright, The Acid Queen, My Generation Blues, Rough Boys, Magic Bus, Sheraton Gibson, A Legal Matter, I'm A Boy

Sound Samples:

The Shout   Tattoo   Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere   Christine's Tune   You Better You Bet   The Sea Refuses No River   Embraceable You   The Seeker   Rough Boys   Magic Bus (Ending)   A Legal Matter   I'm A Boy

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